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Coming Fall 2023

The Birth Journey

I am so excited to annouce my new prenatal education class coming in the fall of 2023. This promises to be unlike any birthing class you have investigated so far. I believe that your prenatal time isn't just about learning the physiology of your body and birth. While this is still important and will be included in the class, there is much more you can do to prepare for your birth journey physically and mindfully

The Physical Journey to Your Birth

Concious movement is a wonderful way to prepare for your birth.  A few years ago, in the middle of my morning Qigong practice, I realized that the movements I was performing could help preparing a woman's body for birth. Not only are there benefits to the internal organs but the movements help stretch the muscles taught how to isolate and relax them at the same time. In this slow and intentional practice you will learn ways that you can :

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce stress 
  • Improve energy
  • Regulate the functioning of the organs
  • Improve balance, cardiovascular and lung function
  • Balance the emotions
  • Free yourself from mental histories and perceived limitations
Qigong is a practice that you can do with your partner, a friend, or by yourself. It is also a practice that you can continue to use after birth.

Mindful Birth

Mindfulness is much more than a meditaion where you place your mind in a blank state or imagine yourself atop a beautiful mountain to remove yourself from what is happening in the present. By being present mentally during your birth you are more in control of your body, surroundings, emotions, and able to recall the beauty that is bringing your child into the world. I am sure you have heard birth referred to as "labor". In this course you will learn how to change birth language in a way that will pave your journey to an enjoyable experience. You will no longer fear the contraction and feeling pain during labor but will welcome riding the waves and the surges that will bring baby into your arms.

The Physiology of Birth

Knowledge is the key to understading. Understanding what is happening during pregnancy and birth prepares you for what is to come. Education eliminates the fear of the unknown. and allows you to be in charge of your birth. Give you greater confidence in making decisions that are presented you.

  • In this course you will learn about the changes happenning with a woman's body during pregnancy.

  • discover how to harness oxitocin and use it to enhance your experience. Even enjoy it.

  • Learn the delivery process.

  • Options that are available to you.

  • Talk about standard procedures and how they are not standard to your birth.

  • We will explore your philospy on birth and put together a Birth Day Wishlist to share with your caregivers.

  • You will discover the difference between a birth plan and a birth day wish list.

  • Using your birthing philospy will produce affirmations to assist you in your confidence and the abilty to stay in control of your birth.

  • Learn positions that can be used by yourself or with your partner and doula to assist you along your birth journey

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