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What Do I Wear During Labor?

All women want to look beautiful. Especially in those first pictures with their newborns. Well mom, sorry to tell you but no one really cares what you wear during labor and delivery, as long as they can get to the appropriate areas at the right times. They are going to be looking at those little fingers and toes. That cute little button nose. Plus, you are going to look fabulous no matter what you have on! It’s not so much about how you look but about your comfort and you now have more choices when it comes to your L&D attire. In times past, your only choice was the standard bland hospital gown. Which is still very much an option. However, in today’s world your options do include style and span from ‘sexy’ to nothing at all.

Yes, laboring in the nude is an option. If you’re comfortable with it, then go for it! Your care givers, Doula and partner should help you maintain privacy in your selected birthing location. If you are in a hospital or birthing center setting, curtains are available to be drawn across doorways so that those entering and exiting your room can make sure that those passing by don’t make you uncomfortable.

If you prefer to cover up a bit, the styles are as varied as people’s personalities. When choosing what to wear keep these things in mind:

Loose-fitting dresses. Pick a breathable material like a lightweight cotton or a poly blend that wicks away moisture. Something that buttons up the front is perfect, since it gives you easy accessibility for breastfeeding as well. Steer clear of maxi dresses; that extra fabric will just get in the way. Many maternity dresses double as nursing dresses. It’s likely to get a little messy, so it’s best to choose one on the less expensive side.

A lucky t-shirt or tank top. A favorite shirt that has wonderful memories is a wonderful way to bring positive vibes to a birth. Discussing those memories during labor is a great distraction. Once again, remember to pick something loose-fitting and cool. Labor is demanding work. You will get hot and sweaty.

A bikini. Bikinis are actually a surprisingly perfect choice to wear in labor. Many women find that laboring in the tub or shower is especially soothing and helps to manage pain, and a bikini lets you take advantage of those benefits if you’re shy or body-conscious (or your mother-in-law is in the room!). When it’s time to breastfeed, you won’t need to kick your relatives out, either; the top is easy to push aside so baby can nurse.

A birthing skirt. A birthing skirt can be worn with your lucky t-shirt, bikini top or sports bra to cover your bottom so that you can still walk around and be mobile without having to worry about ‘showing off your wares.’

A labor gown. If you like the idea of a dress but don’t want anything to get in the way, try a gown made just for women in labor. There are many styles to choose from and are designed with every convenience in mind.

Whatever you choose to wear during labor, remember that bringing a life into this world is hard work and those first pictures of you and baby are magical. Wear something comfortable. Baby is not going to care what your outfit looks like, he will just love you.

A Few Places To Shop For Your Birth Day

*I am not affiliated with any of these companies nor have I purchased any of their products at the time of this post. I just thought they looked so darn cute and I thought I would share.

makes several feminine dresses that are designed with every convenience in mind. They tie down the front, so the nurse or midwife can monitor your baby’s vitals and the baby can lay on your abdomen for skin-to-skin contact before the cord is even cut.

This Etsy shop has a ton of styles to choose from. There were just so many cute Mommas to look at!

I loved the name of this one. This is a one style shop. It features the bikini top with a skirt. Perfect for water births and those that just want to be unencumbered.

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