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The Benefit of Reiki for Animals

     Reiki helps pets by stabilizing any mental, physical, or emotional imbalances they may be suffering from. If left unaddressed, these imbalances can instigate illnesses. By providing your pet with periodic reiki treatments, your pet will enjoy improved balance and a more natural state of well-being.

     Reiki has also been shown to strengthen the immune system, which is essential for dealing with life’s daily stresses and for counteracting the immunosuppression caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

     If your pet has recently undergone a surgical procedure, then the universal life energy that he receives from the reiki practitioner will help improve his post-surgical healing. It will also help alleviate the side effects of most conventional post-surgical medications like painkillers and antibiotics.

     For pets with proven anxiety issues, reiki can be very effective at helping the pet relax. For a pet that is skittish as a result of prior abuse, reiki’s gentle touch can even help restore trust and help the pet become more receptive to training and behavior modification.

     Reiki can also be very effective at helping ease the pain, anxiety, and fear found in pets that are suffering from terminal illnesses. Like humans, terminally ill pets can be resistant to letting themselves transition because they feel that their owners are not ready to let them go. By undergoing reiki treatments together with your pet, you will help him through this difficult time and ease him into his transition.

Loving Reiki is provided for your pet, in your home, at $30 per half hour.

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